Resources to Help You Build

a Strong Catholic Marriage


Marriage 411: The Essential Elements of a Strong Catholic Marriage

Marriages are failing at an alarming rate and the common denominator is that couples don't know how to live in accord with God's plan for marriage. This course will not only tell you how but will give you the practical tools for tapping into the grace of the Sacrament.  


Forgiveness & Healing with Your Child(ren)

We typically don't understand how our actions and tensions in the home can negatively impact our children.  We are not referring just to the kids of divorce, but all children who grow up in less than normal situations.  As a result, we need to take away the hurt and pain our children might experience through a forgiveness and healing exercise.

                COMING 2018

Mission & Vision for Your Marriage 

When it comes to our marriage, most of us just do marriage.  How many people actually plan what they want their marriage to be?  This course will take you from start to finish in creating a mission and vision for your marriage.



Kirk & Sarah

"The Alexanders helped us to see that by putting God at the center of our marriage, we could not only survive the trials of marriage, but that we could love each other with the heart of Christ.  He is pure love and truth which connects us, flows through us, and brings peace to our family."

Ken & Mary

"It amazing what God, and prayers, can do in one week! I do see the light at the end of the tunnel! I know we have a long road, but I am so grateful to you, and Julie. You have totally saved my husband’s soul and have helped us to begin a new marriage with God being the center."

Mark & Janet

“We learned more in two sessions with Greg, than I learned in my twelve years of Catholic education. Greg & Julie have opened our eyes to the true meaning of love and peace that only God can and will provide in a healthy marriage as long as He is the center of the marriage”